All Aboard: Top Ten Train Adventures

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9 Trans Siberian Railway


The ultimate railway experience, a true adventure and the furthest you can go on one train; 5,772 miles, from Moscow to Vladivostok. Sit back and enter an almost zen-like state as the endless scenery rolls past.

There are several services that ply the classic route and also a number of packages that include a diversion to Beijing and tours of St Petersburg and Moscow.

Conditions on the various trains are basic but they are clean and comfortable. Likewise, food and drink in the restaurant car won’t be the last word in gourmet delights but will be perfectly palatable and excellent value.

Fares Please! Once one has overcome the visa hurdles and gained admittance to Russia, prices will range from around £600 per person for the basic 6 night Moscow-Vladivostok journey rising to £1,800 for a full 12 day tour with excursions and guided tours of Moscow and St Petersburg.

PS.. Don’t forget your universal sink plug.

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