Between The Sheets: The UK’s Sexiest Hotel Rooms

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Valentine’s Day is always just around the corner. Treat your loved one to a weekend to remember… these hotels have been hand-picked by our saucy team to ensure the sparks fly this year!

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10Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton


Unquestionably Brighton’s sauciest boutique hotel; if you like your dirty weekend’s laced with a dose of counter-culture, this is it. It has 19 themed hotel rooms and is designed to tickle the taste buds of any quirky pleasure seeker looking for something a little different from the corporate chain hotel.

The newest room is the Kraken’s lair; with it’s round bed and mirrored ceiling this room is about as Kinky as you can get the UK! If it’s a bit too creepy for you try the Pin-Up Parlour, the homage to Diana Dors or Betty’s Boudoir for a faded glamour vibe.

One word of warning: this place is great after dark but does not lend itself well to the bright light of day.

Kraken’s Lair is £249 per night; Pin Up Parlour £155; Betty’s Boudoir, £145.

Hotel Pelirocco diana doorsHotel Peloricco bettys boudoir


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