Get Spooked: Top Ten Scary Travel Destinations

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Top ten travel destinations for a spooky time at Halloween or at any time. Some well known and some less so…

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10 Dragsholm Slot Castle, Denmark


There has been a castle on the site since 1215 but the present building dates mainly from the end of the 17th century. Much like the Tower of London the Castle has been a palace, a fortress and a prison. It is currently a hotel, restaurant and museum. The castle boasts over a hundred ghosts but most of the haunting is down to just three..

The grey lady is a former maid at the hotel who simply couldn’t bear to leave. The second ghost is the Earl of Bothwell who was imprisoned in the cellars for five years and lost his mind there and perhaps most tragically there is the White lady. A lowly born maid who on being discovered in a relationship with a son of the house was walled up alive. In the 1930’s a skeleton was discovered in a bricked up alcove during renovations…

Prices to stay at the Dragsholm Slot Castle start at a typically Scandinavian £200 per night.

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