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We have all heard those apocryphal stories of lucky travellers who are invited into the home of a local to break bread and dine like a native. For my brother it was the home of a Moroccan that he met while Inter-railing, aged 18, and it remains one of his fondest memories. Some friends of mine were caught out in a sudden heavy storm in the Corsican hills and were invited in out of the rain to eat delicious fresh food and drink local wine in the front room of a charming local family.

Sadly, I have never been so lucky (despite hanging around looking hungry and wet  in various parts of the globe!) But finally I have my chance…

EatWith is the new Airbnb for food lovers. Locals in 150 cities across the globe will welcome you into their homes to experience home cooked food while sharing a table with interesting people from all over the world. We pick 10 enticing options for you here…
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10Masterchef in Paris

EatWith ParisParis isn’t exactly known for being the friendliest city in the world. Combine that with an over abundance of pricey tourist traps and you may be underwhelmed by your dining experiences on a trip here. Of course it is strewn with Michelin starred restaurants if your budget will stretch that far; but if you want something relaxed and informal they’re not your best bet. This is why Eatwith is the perfect solution for getting a real taste of Paris.

EatWith Paris dinner


Jean Yves is the winner of the French version of Masterchef so you are in safe hands here. Born in Vietnam he has lived in Paris for 23 years and his food provides a wonderful fusion of both cuisines.

EatWith Paris brunch



His menu will include his speciality; “Madame Butterfly Toast” followed by Ravioli with prawns and wild mushrooms with saffron sauce. The main course will be voluptuous Tournedos Rossini with fried “foie gras” and sweet potato Mousseline cream. To finish you can expect a classic French Macaron with fresh raspberry and pear ganache. There will be aperitifs, red and white wine, followed by coffee.

Divine food combined with the novelty of making new friends in a foreign city andI can safely say that this promises to be a night to remember!

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