Just For Laughs: Top Ten Comedy Destinations

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Here are ten ways of scratching your travel itch and exercising your funny bone. Five festivals, four cities and the most famous comedy TV programme in the world await your pleasure..

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10 Saturday Night Live


Perhaps the most famous comedy show in the world. Tickets to see the rehearsals and actual performances are highly sought after. Here is a brief rundown of two of the ways one can get in and see the magic..

The 1st way of participating in this comedy institution is to email SNL in August at snltickets@nbcuni.com and join a lottery, nothing is guaranteed. If you are successful you will be notified two weeks in advance of the show you have been selected for. The second is to queue at 30 Rockefeller Plaza for standby tickets at 7AM on showdays. Standby tickets may be for the 8PM dress rehearsal or the actual show.

Obviously the standby option might be the only option if one is not local and just passing through..

Once inside the building with your ticket, put on your most winning smile and you may be picked out of the line and put at the front. This may be a two edged sword as although you will be in the thick of the action your view may be blocked by cameras. Maybe it’s best to look dour and sit at the back!

Where to stay? 2 can share this Modern Luxury Studio close to Rockefeller Plaza for a surprising £92 per night

Flights: Click hereReturns to New York from the UK start at around £300



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