Need an Adrenalin Kick Without The Risk? Try Our Top Ten Unusual Thrills Without Skills

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If you value your life then base jumping really isn’t for you. But sometimes we all need a little bit of an adrenaline kick, don’t we? These amazing and unusual thrills will get your blood pumping while you remain completely safe!

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10Pradaschier-Churwalden Toboggan Run, Switzerland

churwalden toboggan


This is in the Guinness Book of Records as Europe’s longest track-guided railway. It’s over three kilometers long and has 31 bends, some of them hairpins. From top to bottom there is a drop of 480 metres that ensures you can travel at high speed throughout the ride. For night owls, the run operates under floodlights, and since the toboggans are on tracks, it can be used in the summer as well as in the winter. Lean into the curves, feel the weightlessness and enjoy the healthy Alpine air and stunning mountain views.

What are you crazy? Remember to use the brake. The only time I’ve ever tried a toboggan-run, AGED 11, the operator failed to explain that it had one – the journey was a little more hair-raising than I’d hoped!

What’s the damage? The ticket for the chairlift  and the toboggan is CHF 25 ( about £16 about the time of writing).

Need a place to crash? The Guarda Val is a unique Maiensäss hotel allocated in 11 huts and barns that are up to 300 years old, Doubles from around £180.

Flights: Click hereReturns to Zurich from the UK start at around £50

churwalden hotel

churwalden hotel spa

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