The Best Hotel Kids Clubs: The Top Hotel Chains When You Need A Break.

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Much as we love quintessential family holidays with lots of quality time to build sand castles with the kids, sometimes you need a break too so you can just kick back and read a book for a change. And as long as the kids are having a whale of a time you won’t need to feel any guilt about doing so! While some kids clubs are colouring pencils, a hut and questionable security these ones are all-singing, all-dancing and they are guaranteed to have a ball.

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10 Sensatori, by Thomson Holidays

  • Kids club from 3 to 12 years
  • Open 10 -12pm, 3-4pm & 7.30-9.30pm
  • Prices from around £3300 for Fethiye  with flights from Glasgow (for a family of 4 for one week in the summer holidays)
  • All Inclusive
Sensatori Tenerife

Sensatori Tenerife

Where are they?
They have great locations in Greece, Turkey, Ibiza, Tenerife, Egypt, Jamaica and Mexico.

Who do they suit?
Those who would place a greater value on staying in a beautiful resort with great restaurants and stylish rooms than the convenience of an all-day kids club – see below.

What About the Kids?
It’s a shame that Thomson seem to treat their Kids Club opening hours like a state secret. We’ve phoned everyone we can think of, including some individual resorts (but many were closed as it is December) and have only gleaned limited information about the details of their kids clubs. It is a shame because these are some of the nicest hotels on our list so if they were open for a few more hours a day they would rank a lot higher in the list. As things stand, they are apparently only open for 2 hours in the morning, a measly hour in the afternoon and a couple in the evening (which is great if you like to have dinner in peace). The frustrating part is that they may well be open a lot longer during school holidays but we can’t promise anything! They do say that activities include a Silly Science Lab, Crazy Kitchen and an Arts and Crafts Zone. Evenings bring parties and movies. Plus, you can pay a little extra for sleepovers.

Highlight? Beautiful stylish resorts. Pay extra for a swim up room -it’s worth it!
Lowpoint? Limited opening hours at the kids clubs – or so we think! If you know otherwise, pray tell..


swim up rooms

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