The Taste of Summer: The World’s Top Ten Places To Drink a Mojito

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top ten mojiosMmmmm….summer in a glass. I’m not sure what it says about me, but I’m getting to the point where a holiday just isn’t a holiday without a good Mojito or twelve. For anyone who has never tried one (is that even possible?!) they are a refreshing blend of rum (usually either Bacardi or Havana), cane sugar, fresh mint leaves, lime juice, crushed ice and sparkling water. We have searched the globe, from Havana to Paris, to find the best places to drink them and here are the top ten mojito-inspired holidays just for you…!
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mojitos beach ibiza

10 Ibiza

For an instant burst of sunshine less than 2 hours from the UK it’s hard to beat Ibiza. The Mojito is served in almost every bar on the island and the quality varies greatly. However, for Cuban atmospehere and an authentic mojito you can’t beat Ke Bola Cuba. A short drive from Ibiza town this is a Cuban restaurant with gorgeous decor, live Cuban music and bags of atmosphere. The food is worth the wait, which is fortunate as it can be considerable, but you will be having such a great time that you won’t notice anyway! They also offer a passion fruit mojito that tastes fabulous. If you want to hang out with famous DJ’s and Promotors while drinking your cocktail of choice then head to . This used to be the Cafe Sydney and it is the place to hangout in Ibiza town. It also has lovely views as it is right on the marina and the decor is quirky and stylish.

Where to stay? For five star elegance and DJs galore choose the Ibiza Gran Hotel. At the other end of the school, but equally cool, is the Vara de Rey. This hostel is full of youthful charm and has been restored from the original 1953 design with an eclectic mix of recycled and modern art by artists from the Island. A word of warning though, bathrooms are communal.

Who goes there? This is the island of extremes; from the rich and famous who barely leave their villas/yachts to the reality TV characters from a Broken Britain documentary.

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