We’re Here For The Beer: Top Ten European Stag Party Destinations.

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The only question when considering your stag party destination is “How much is the beer?”. Everything else is secondary. There is a lot of often contradictory information available online concerning beer prices so we’ve averaged out several sources and arrived at our own figure for a bar bought 500ml glass of local draught beer. We have arranged our cities according to this beer price. They’re all in former Eastern Bloc countries and have lots of history.

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10 Vilnius, Lithuania

Beer Price – £1.63

A UNESCO world heritage site, Vilnius has seen a lot of history. In 1812 it played host to Napoleon’s Grande Armee on its disastrous journey to and from Moscow. Mass graves containing thousands of his exhausted retreating soldiers were discovered here in 2002. Vilnius was occupied in WWII first by the Soviet Union whose NKVD deported some 30,000 of its politically unreliable inhabitants to the gulags and then by the Nazi’s who ultimately murdered 95% of the city’s Jewish population. In 2009 Vilnius was declared a European city of culture along with the Austrian city of Linz….
vilnius Lithuania split from the Soviet Union in 1990 and Vilnius is now a bustling modern European city with some of the fastest internet speeds in the world.

The city’s compact and picturesque old town is crammed full of bars and its large student population will ensure your drunken mayhem doesn’t stick out and cause problems with the local authorities. Pictured here are two members of staff from the Cactus Bar which specialises in that Baltic favourite; Tequila.

Cactus Bar Vilnius

AmongSvyturys the many childish things you can do when at large in Lithuania is to try your luck with some firearms. Arrange an excursion with Baltic Stags and for €129 a head one can sample the Insane Lunatic package at your local former KGB firing range. Have a ‘go’ on twelve weapons including an Uzi submachinegun and the fabled AK47 (5 rounds only)

Forto Dvaras, Vilnius

For eating, the old town restaurant Forto Dvaras is popular, inexpensive, lively and authentic. Waiting staff wear comely ‘neo-folk’ costume (steady!) and the charming basement dining room was once a medieval prison.

Where to stay: There’s no need to book something fancy on a trip like this. You want big, clean, central and good value. Exactly what the Ecotel Vilnius offers. Doubles from €41 a night


ecotel vilnius
Flights: Click here Returns to Vilnius from the UK start at around £35.

Top Tip: Going in January? Wrap up warm.

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